Rodney Lawrence





Born, London

University of East Anglia: Degree in Philosophy

Harrow School of Art: Diploma in Studio Pottery. Student of David Leach

Moved to Somerset to establish a studio with Elizabeth Raeburn in a converted Chapel


Rodney Lawrence makes low-temperature stoneware, producing both wheel-thrown and hand-built forms with varying colours and textures; usually sgrafitto decorated. Craftsmanship and function are considered equally important.

The pieces are intended to raise the spirit, reflecting the humourous and optimistic side of life.

There is also a limited range of domestic ware, often slip-trailed.

Rodney has exhibited widely, and has pots in both private and museum collections throughout England and abroad.

Commissions are welcome. In the past, they have covered a wonderful variety of subjects commemorating different events or reflecting the diverse interests of the recipients.

Typical prices for individual pieces:

Boxes and small dishes

Plates and vases

Large vases and composite pots

Commissioning need not be expensive for a special "one-off"


£15 - £25

£40 - £100

£150 - £800

Rodney Lawrence Curriculum Vitae (.pdf)